How do I become a model on your site?

Click on the "Join Us" button and fill out the required form. Or alternately email us info@glassmanagement.com.au with some clear photos of yourself, a head shot and a full length photo. With your age, height and dress size.

What does it cost to join Glass?

There are no hidden fees whatsoever to join Glass. But we do ask for all models to have the appropriate professional images to upload to our website. Glass also only takes on limited talent.

What age do I have to be to model?

There are no age restrictions to model with Glass. As long as you are old enough to take direction (3 years approx) and not too old to take direction aghhh. You can model with us.

Is there height restrictions?

Yes, to do catwalk there is a height restriction. Generally for girls you have to be over 173cm and for guys over 183cm.

Can I take anyone to the jobs with me?

Yes, if you are under 16 years of age. At 16 you are classified in the film industry as an adult. However, you can still take a guardian until you are 18 years old in the modelling industry.

Do I need to be strong enough to handle the industry?

Yes absolutely, it can sometimes be a harsh industry to deal with. Other people are chosen over you and you have to be able to accept that the client was just looking for someone different. Try to not take it to heart, as it just means you're not the look that the client was looking for.

Do I need to be available and professional?

Absolutely, this is a very fast paced industry and you must be available during office hours and on weekdays. You must turn up on time and be prepared at all times.

Do I need reliable transport?

Yes, some jobs are in hard to get to locations. Call times are sometimes very early in the morning or late at night. Public transport, unfortunately, just doesn't cut it.